Interview with Mr Aviral Srivastava | Founder - Guruji Ki Gyanshala

Interview with Mr Aviral Srivastava | Founder - Guruji Ki Gyanshala

Guruji Ki Gyanshala, This is a motivational channel for engineers basically. Here you will find unique way of studying core topics of core subjects of engineering. Our motive is to keep you positive and give you proper directions to achieve your dreams.

I am 3 instances gate certified computer science in 2018,2019,2020 respectively. I am recently selected in railway for junior engineer post .You can take classes related to all core subjects of CS/IT stream plus mathematics.I can also teach mathematics at 10th and 12th level.Along with that I can teach 9th,10th too. I am the Founder of Guruji Ki Gyanshala, a YouTube channel where we share the educational lecture & videos


1.What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e what's your source of motivation?
#  My passion towards educating people, My source of motivation is to do better than yesterday.


2. What all classes/subject you cater
# I teach All Computer Science Core subjects and Mathematics till graduation level.


3. Why should people choose you over others?
# I keep everything simple and i am flexible according to my students. I can increase level as per understanding of students.I am three times gate qualified. Currently i am working in tata consultancy services. I have cracked Railway Junior engineer Paper too. I am enthusiastic, Quick learner and honest.


4. What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
# Strength :- deep knowledge, 
weakness :- because of deep knowledge sometimes i teach a lot.


5. Tell us about an accomplishment/achievement you are most proud of?
 # Qualified gate in 2018,2019,2020, Placed in LTI and TCS, Certified in Mean stack, & Selected in railways.


6. How do you handle  pressure?
# By making plans for all types of situation that could occur.We should create alternatives for all types of situations.Pressure comes when we do not have any alternative and I am very calm i never take pressure.


7. How do you contribute in student's personal development and Co-curricular activities?
# I can prepare them according to my experience.I am engineering graduate so i can cater my knowledge to them for being prepared before test/interview.I will conduct group discussion session for them giving 2 minutes of time quantum to each guy to put his view in English so that they can understand how to speak and how to behave in GD session. I can conduct mock interview on technical topics to prepare them for interview.


8. What advice would you give to your students ? 
# Be simple, be honest to yourself, learn from mistakes, try to avoid mistake after mistake. Think what you want to do before actualy going to do anything.


9. Brief about organization and founding members?
# I have YouTube channel name:- Guruji ki gyanshala. It is  starting phase of my channel. I have uploaded almost 50 videos on this channel.

You can connect with Mr Aviral, click here pathshala profile

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