Interview with Mrs Shashi Agarwal | Founder - Sunflower Shiksha Sadan
  • Thu Mar 26, 2020
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Interview with Mrs Shashi Agarwal | Founder - Sunflower Shiksha Sadan

"Be the change to wish to see in the world...Gandhi"


1. What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e what's your source of motivation?
I and my school have seen each other grow. This bond has grown even stronger over the past 27 years. We have supported each other in several ups and downs. This feeling is a motivating factor for me and it keeps me active even at this age.

Every morning I wake up at 6, have a cup of tea, complete my domestic tasks, and get ready. Once I enter my school premises and see parents coming to drop their kids in the morning, I feel a sense of responsibility. It is our responsibility to not only ensure student's safety but also to make them a good human being. 

2. What all classes/subject you cater
Now I have taken a break from taking classes due to my growing age and workload to manage other things in the school. However, whenever I feel like interacting with students, I take up classes. Also, I believe teaching is the best way of learning and every time I get to know something new. I take subjects like English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Social science, History, Maths, etc.

3. Why should people choose you over others?
We have never been in a race or competition bragging around our school achievements and comparing the same with others. We believe imparting education is a noble job and should not be considered as a business. 

Based on the same ideology, we work hard to ensure that our students are well equipped with quality education to compete with the students of the other schools and emerge as tough competitors. We ensure delivering paramount quality of knowledge to students.
Above all, we strive to inculcate good habits and morality in the students that they never fail to achieve the ultimate examination of life.

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Our strength lies in the knowledge provided to our students. We work to achieve our school's motto "Knowledge is power". Further, we also believe that every child is special in himself and has a different thought process. Accordingly, special attention is required to be paid to some of them. Therefore, we also conduct backup classes for such students free of cost. This helps them to study in smaller groups and allow the teacher to pay special attention to them. That said, this also serves our other purpose of helping those families, financially and emotionally, who cannot afford private tutoring. 

I think our weakness was our infrastructure. I remember starting this school 27 years ago in a room where I used to teach in the morning and then re-arrange the same room for sleeping in the night. Nonetheless, it took us more than a silver jubilee to slowly transform from one room to now having more than 15 rooms in a double-storey building for educating young and talented minds. We take pride to say that with God's grace now we have the proper infrastructure without any funds from the government or any private investor. I would like to give the credit to my students and staff for this accomplishment. Also, I believe that this would have never been possible without my family's support who have always stood by my side and have been my strength. 

5. Tell us about an accomplishment/achievement you are most proud of.
We started with a primary school and now when we are visited by alumni, it gives us utmost happiness to see them becoming engineers, teachers, businessmen, sportsman and what not. Thus, our slightest contribution to educating people who are now a guiding light for many others makes us proud of our achievement. 

I would like to share one such instance when one of the alumni of the year 2000 came to us to pay her unpaid fees after 10 years. We were happy to see her successfully educated and achieving her goals. Gestures like this keep us motivated and ensure that we are working in the right way.

6. How do you handle  pressure?
I am not the only one who handles all the pressure. I believe the best part of any organisation is to have members who can distribute pressure amongst themselves to achieve better results. More than one mind will always bring efficiency to the organisation and I am very fortunate to have a team who is working with me like a family. I have teachers working for more than a decade and they form an integral part of our system to share pressure and handle all kinds of responsibilities.  

Telling more, I am a housewife and a working woman at the same time. Similarly, I have many female teachers working with me in similar conditions. We need to look after our families, our house and our work at the same time. I do not underrate the contribution of our families. Their emotional support is sometimes more than what we need to handle any pressure. That said, I believe that the life of a woman is slightly more difficult concerning the emotions and responsibilities that she carries with her to work and home. Therefore, I am thankful to all the "SUPERWIVES" who work with me and worldwide balancing their career and home evenly. At the same time, we are thankful to the families of all the "SUPERWIVES" who understand them and extend unconditional support to achieve their dreams. 

On this note, I would like to share a fun fact that my husband stands at the entrance of our school gate every morning to welcome all students with a smile. He has been contributing to the functioning of the school equally since the beginning. By saying so, I urge all people reading this to extend unlimited support to your counterparts in achieving their dreams. Your smallest effort can help our society to prosper and become a better place to live.

7. How do you contribute in student's personal development and Co-curricular activities?
We always treat personal development and co-curricular activities as a part of the course for every class. We ensure that students start their day in class with 8-10 mins of morning exercise as a healthy body is a key to have a healthy mind. We also ensure celebrating all the festivals in our school and regular programs to uplift the skills of our students. The extraordinary performances by the students in dancing, singing, poem recitation, Gk, arts, to name a few never fail to amaze us. We also try to participate in inter-school competitions to provide more exposure to our students.  

8. What advice would you give to your students ?
We advise students to implement: simple living & High Thinking in their lives and being honest to not only others but also to themselves.

9. Brief about organization and founding members?
Our school "SUNFLOWER SHIKSHA SADAN PUBLIC SCHOOL" was founded in 1993 to provide access to quality education for the marginalized section of the society. It was founded by Mr. Govind Agarwal & Mrs. Shashi Agarwal in Agra.