Interview with Ms Sadhana Walia | Principal - Stanford International School
  • Wed Mar 04, 2020
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Interview with Ms Sadhana Walia | Principal - Stanford International School


"A Good Education can change anyone, A Good Teacher can change everything"


Ms Sadhna Walia, designated as a Principal at Stanford International School, Indore, Madhya Pradesh started her journey as a Science teacher from Ryan International School, Rohini, New Delhi. Apart from her interest in teaching Science, She also encourages students to actively participate in extracurricular activities. An inclination towards Astronomy & Space studies can also be noticed as a part of her teaching career that always motivated student to perform well in this field. One of the live examples is Our Founder, Mr Sahil Wadhwa, who had been a part of the Astronomy Club started by Ms. Walia for 6 long years and have won Laurels under her leadership and supervision. 


We got an opportunity to interview her and bring forward her views:-

1. Brief about your organization and founding members?

My present organization is Stanford International School, Ujjain.

I am associated with this school as the Principal. The Founding Members are Dr. Katyayan Mishra and Dr. Jaya Mishra. Stanford International is fully operational up to Class XII. It is one of the leading schools in Ujjain, it is the first school in Ujjain to have ATL Lab where students will get the holistic knowledge in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer, Maths).


2. What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e what's your source of motivation?

Every day comes with a new challenge, hence I am always prepared and excited to look forward to the challenges. Each day comes with a new beginning and an end to something. One should always be welcoming.


3. What all classes/subject you cater

My journey started by teaching science as it is my all-time favourite subject. Passion for teaching has now honoured me to be designated as Principal of such an esteemed school. Therefore, I don't teach on ground now but am always available for all types of study-related queries.


4. Why should people choose you over others?

All fingers are not equal therefore, I am a strong believer of teamwork. I believe in building a team and working with them for new assignments. I am an innovator. I not just innovate for myself but also pursue others to learn new things and help them grow and develop themselves for day-to-day challenges.


5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

"If we can't manage time, we can't manage anything else". 

Following this, My strength is time management, calmness, team worker and decision making.

My weakness is getting irritated if there is any delay in work, especially caused by lack of planning.


6. Tell us about an accomplishment/achievement you are most proud of.

Apart from my other achievements my greatest achievement is that I am a (Six) consecutive years award winner of NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest.

Also in the sixth year, we were awarded for Asteroid Hunting. It was a team of two students and we were given a task to analyze images and find the moving objects. I was the teacher coordinator for Astronomy Space Club and my students were the First Asian Students to discover asteroids. 


7. How do you handle the pressure?

Always be prepared for the worst but wish for the best. If you follow this approach then you will not feel pressurized. One should never panic in any situation no matter how worse it becomes. Also, one should be prepared for every situation. 


8. How do you contribute to a student's personal development and Co-curricular activities?

Observing who is good at who. Not everyone is good in academics, identify who is good at which activity and providing the required platform to the student. Every student has their interests and tastes. Nurturing them and guiding them towards their dream is the duty of a teacher. I also aim to provide a suitable platform and best amenities to help them walk in the paths of their choice.  


9. What advice would you give to your students?

  1. Set your goals.
  2. Design your time management around it.
  3. Always choose a career of your choice, so that you can deliver 100% and nothing less than that.