Things to remember while creating a CV

Things to remember while creating a CV

Things to remember while creating a CV


General Guidelines

  1. Your CV should ideally be of two pages.
  2. Make sure your CV has an in-tune format.
  3. Always keep your CV updated.
  4. Write statements that resemble you and you can justify with the help of examples.
  5. Choose your words sensibly
  6. Avoid repetition of words
  7. Avoid personal pronouns such as 'I', 'we', 'you' etc.
  8. Avoid using light words like did, done, won. Use concrete words like conducted, analyzed, studied, awarded, etc.
  9. Ensure that there are no :
    1. Formatting/ Alignment Errors
    2. Grammatical Errors
    3. Spelling Errors
    4. Typing Errors
  10. Do not capitalize words unnecessarily for example it is intolerable to write your name as "YUVRAJ" and your city name as "BANARAS" etc. But capitalizing abbreviations such as "CBSE" is right.
  11. Capitalize the first letter of Proper Nouns. Examples- your name, your parent's name, your city's name, your school/university's name, etc.
  12. Capitalize the first letter of your project title, profile, designation, etc.
  13. Always get your CV proofread by someone for example trainer, teacher, etc.
  14. Leave one space gap after comma and full-stop.



What and who you are (your skills included), What you wish to achieve and aspire to become. Keep in punchy on to the point no need to elaborate your life story save some point for the interview. Do not add false or fake statements which you can justify. Make your CV the resemblance of your self.


Alter it

Update your CV for each role you apply for. Research the company profile, the job description, and use the job advertisement for help. Focus on the skills and requirements the company demand for in the interview.


Make a personal statement

Use a crisped line or statement to explain why you are the best person for the job. Do not think the employer will check that your experience will relate to their job.


Keep it current

Update your CV every time if somethings remarkable happens in your carrier whether you are looking for a job or not, record it so you don't forget it later when it's needed.


Check your errors

Recruiters look for errors in your CV and if they find them, it leaves a bad impression of yours on them. Make sure you avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and if you are unsure about it take the help of online tools available to double-check the mistakes.


Use keywords

If you sent your CV to the recruiters online keywords are very essential. Job title and jargons will help you CV to stand out from others. But make sure you can justify what you write in your cv.


Creating a CV is the most difficult part of job searching but always remember that your CV resembles your own self that constructs your future

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