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Things you need to know if you are appearing for 10th or 12th Boards

Things you need to know if you are appearing for 10th or 12th Boards:


The CBSE board in a notification said that the Sample Question Papers released in September should be taken into consideration for 2020 Board Examinations instead of the curriculum design given earlier in the year.

Further, the board has suggested the schools to consider these sample papers for the pattern of pre-boards to give a pre-experience to the students.


Read the complete notification at: 




So, here are things you need to know: 


  1. Try solving Sample papers provided by CBSE:


Sample papers have been published well in time and the students should try to use them at the most to their benefit. They should ensure solving these papers once in order to understand what CBSE is expecting out of them. Solving these papers will give you an edge over others. So, hurry up and click on the link below. 


Find the sample papers for Class 10th at the following link: -




Find the sample papers for Class 12th at the following link:-




  1. NCERT Books that say “not for the purpose of examination” Do you need to cover those topics too?


Yes, In a recent notification, the board clarified that the syllabus of the exams will be as provided by the board and the students should not ignore the portions of NCERT which mentions that they are not for the purpose of examination/assessment. If the board has mentioned that topic in its prescribed syllabus then it is a part of the syllabus and can be asked in the exam. 






Read the complete notification at: -

http://www.cbse.nic.in/newsite/attach/UPLOAD_SYLLABUS FOR THE PURPOSE OF EXAMINATION IN 2020_17.10.pdf

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