Geometry-2 | Quantitative Aptitude For CAT

Teacher Name : Harshit Binju

Geometry-2 | Quantitative Aptitude For CAT

About Course:

Q1. In the figure given below Abcd is a rectangle. The ratio of the length of EB to that of the length of BF is 2:√3. What is the ratio of the length BF to the length of FC, if it is given that DE and DF trisects angle D.

About Educator:

Binju's Education is an emerging international education service provider, and is led by a dedicated and passionate team members. From the inception of my career i have been part of solar industry of India. I have worked with Global Data Research Centre as Senior Researcher, currently engaged with SgurrEnergy India Pvt. Ltd. where i am part of PMC team.
A graduate from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies in the field of Power System Engineering. Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-motivated, quick learner and a team player. I have performed my own market research thereby preparing my own questions which has helped my previous students in clearing the CAT exam.