NMIMS Internal Assignment - Business Communication & Etiquette - Dec 2016

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NMIMS Internal Assignment - Business Communication & Etiquette - Dec 2016

Question 1. Masbet Corporation has been a family owned company. While they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary the new generation of management wants to make some changes in the way communication flows. Hence the current downward communication dominance needs to be changed to more lateral communication. What disadvantages of downward communication the organization must have faced and what advantages of lateral communication may be offered due to the change? (10 Marks)

Question 2. In the annual function of ‘speed cycle’ three employees would be presenting information – Ankit will be presenting the annual report of three different departments, Rajan will be conducting an interactive session with audience in between various programs and Sharan will be making a stand up show of Story telling. What different types of public speaking modes each one of them will be using and how can they make it effective?  (10 Marks)

Question 3.Read the case study carefully and answer the questions

Bobble baby has been a market leader for infant and toddler health products for nearly 45 years. They are planning to introduce a face cream for teenagers. However, they need to understand the market for the same. They will be employing data collection methods. The marketing department needs to decide on the right methods.

  1. What benefits would interview technique offer them?            (5 Marks)
  2. What limitations of focus group method should they keep in mind should they decide to use it.  (5 Marks)

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