Astronomy & Night Skies

Teacher Name : Astrophile Education Services

Sneh Kesari is a science communicator by work and an astronomer by hobby. With close to 25 years of pursuing astronomy and stargazing as hobby, Sneh is well versed with the concepts of astronomy and space sciences. He has about 11 years of professional experience of teaching astronomy to kids and has catered to nearly 400 schools and over 50,000 students in last decade. Knowledge of the night sky and astrophotography are his strong points other than teaching kids. For last two years Sneh is successfully running his own firm which provides all round solution for astronomy enthusiast be it learning about the sky, science or buying equipment. The students after attending this course shall be able to learn about the night sky and also can spot a few objects like planets, Moon and other bright stars in the sky using the software. For participants who love to travel, they can spot the Milky way, identify the sunset and sunrise timings and hence plan their night observations better. If time permits, we can also go ahead and do advanced features as well like attaching their telescopes to the software and control it remotely.